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If you would like to appoint W.T. Newey & Co. as your new Strata Managing Agent, there are a few steps which you must follow:

  1. Find out when the contract with your current Managing Agent ends.
  2. Contact a member of W.T. Newey & Co. for advice on the best way to proceed depending on your individual situation as an Owners Corporation.
  3. You will need a majority of the Executive Committee or Owners Corporation to sign a letter to send to your existing Strata Managing Agent, asking them to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  4. An Extraordinary General Meeting will need to be held to terminate your existing Strata Managing Agent and appoint W.T. Newey & Co. as your new Strata Managing Agent.
  5. Contact W.T. Newey & Co. again if they are appointed at the General Meeting. Our friendly staff will arrange for the smooth changeover of the plan.

If you would like to obtain a quotation from W.T. Newey & Co. for the Strata Management of your complex, please contact one of our friendly Strata Managers on (02) 9790 0377, or alternatively, please see our staff profile page for our individual email addresses.

The more information about your Strata Scheme that you give to the Strata Managers, the more helpful their advice will be.

Thank you for choosing W.T. Newey & Co.